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With individual coaching, training, continuing education and retraining, we support you on your path to professional success and beyond.

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Finding a new job poses a major challenge to the majority of people. A challenge which has not been a matter of choice for many of our clients.

We accompany you on your professional path: we find individual, target-oriented solutions. It does not make a difference whether your path through life has been straightforward or curvy or which diploma you hold or career you have pursued.

Since 2015, amidst large-scale influx of refugees and migrants, we have significantly expanded our offer in the area of German language teaching and integration courses. As a BAMF (Federal Office
of Migration and Refugees) -certified training body we run integration and alphabetisation courses. Hereby, we have supported thousands of people and their families during their integration process in Germany and have helped to create new prospects for them.

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  • BAMF integration course

    BAMF integration course

    BAMF Integration course For life in Germany Our integration course helps people from a wide range of countries to acquire basic German skills. Our offer supports you in a practical way to quickly find your way in your new everyday life. Register free of charge and without obligation for a consultation appointment with us. Integration…

FITS is a guarantee of quality

Certified by the Hanseatic Certification Agency (HZA), we offer our services to the German National Employment Agency. We are also certified by the Association of Professional Training Hamburg (Weiterbildung Hamburg) and are a member of the National Association of Professional Training (BBB), as well as being a member of a network for medium-sized business consultancies (IBWF).

Our Training and Projects are subject to rigid quality controls by our public contracting authorities.

Wir bringen dich in den Job. HZA
Wir bringen dich in den Job. Weiterbildung Hamburg e.V.

Häufige Fragen

All courses at FITS are 100% subsidizable, for example with a Bildungsgutschein or Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsgutschein (AVGS). Costs for integration courses can be covered by the BAMF or the refugee center
We offer additional integration coaching to support you already during the integration course in your orientation on the job market and to prepare you for a successful application phase.
The consultation is always free of charge. You get a first orientation to find out which courses fit you. You will find out what to expect from the courses you are interested in.
An AVGS (Activation and Placement Voucher) is a voucher that helps unemployed or job-seeking people finance qualification, coaching or placement measures with educational institutions.
A Bildungsgutschein (education voucher) is a government voucher used to cover the cost of continuing education for job seekers or employees.
Together we look at your individual needs and offer you a customized course program. Come and find out with us what you are made of!